With her Little Black Book, Monnier’s deeply imaginative voice strikes a timeless note. We feel the present longing to weave threads of the past into a romantic mode for a new age. Monnier’s raw and sensual lyric – of tricksters, seductions, death, despair and love – writhes beneath the surface with undertones of fantasy and occult imagery. From phrase to phrase we are confronted with a hunger for and celebration of deep connection to the rhythms of the natural world.

~ Josh Wagner, Author & Editor

Dianne has such a deep connection with the senses, and the sensual, everything she writes feels like erotica. That’s what it’s like when someone taps into the exact sensation, thought, emotion, or desire you’ve had in even the most mundane of moments … like she’s been inside of you and so she knows which words to strum for the perfect connection between writer and reader. The Little Black Book of Verse is the book of poetry you’ll be reading every day for the rest of your life.

~ Angela Stoner, Vagina Chronicles Podcast